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My Study

Where do you start with Revelation 6.
I have heard so many different ways to interpret this chapter.
There is not much light given on the interpretation of Revelation 6.
Of course there are many out there that think Uriah Smith was given this light.
I don't use Uriah Smith or the SDA charts for light even though Ellen White endorsed him.
I'm sure there were much truth in them but I don't believe all the light was given at that time.
Plus are you ready to use one man's mind for your interpretation of Daniel and Revelation?

In every age there is a new development of truth, a message of God to the people of that generation. The old truths are essential; new truth is not independent of the old, but an unfolding of it. It is only as the old truths are understood that we can comprehend the new. {ST June 20, 1906, par. 4}

The way I think is that God has a special message for each time period.
There is only so much light given.
Just like the Protestant Reformers before Ellen White they were given a message for their time but yet they still were teaching many other false doctrines.
In time God gave light on these doctrines and many came out of those false teachings.

The Reformation did not, as many suppose, end with Luther. It is to be continued to the close of this world's history. Luther had a great work to do in reflecting to others the light which God had permitted to shine upon him; yet he did not receive all the light which was to be given to the world. From that time to this, new light has been continually shining upon the Scriptures, and new truths have been constantly unfolding. {GC88 148.3}

The early pioneers of the SDA Church were given much light that mostly led up to the time of the Investigative Judgment.
But they went beyond their calling if you ask me and used up every prophetic word in Daniel and Revelation.
It is possible that light was not yet to be given on certain passages, specially those that extend past 1844.
Yes I believe God was with them in their studies but also God only led them so far.
We have to go and prophecy again and with that there will be new light for our age.

There are many at the present day thus clinging to the customs and traditions of their fathers. When the Lord sends them additional light, they refuse to accept it, because, not having been granted to their fathers, it was not received by them. We are not placed where our fathers were; consequently our duties and responsibilities are not the same as theirs. We shall not be approved of God in looking to the example of our fathers to determine our duty instead of searching the Word of truth for ourselves. Our responsibility is greater than was that of our ancestors. We are accountable for the light which they received, and which was handed down as an inheritance for us, and we are accountable also for the additional light which is now shining upon us from the Word of God. {GC88 164.2}

But this does go both ways, we also must be careful of what some will call new light.

From that which the Lord has been pleased to show me, there will arise just such ones all along, and many more of them, claiming to have new light, which is a side issue, an entering wedge. The widening will increase until there is a breach made between those who accept these views and those who believe the third angel's message. {3SM 409.4}

For this study since I currently have no clear light on this I will go over the many different beliefs.
Maybe we will find that direction along the way.
Before I get into the many interpretations I would like to compare scripture and look for any quotes that might shed some light on this.